You know that old saying…

Hand of programmer holds puzzle with JavaScript programming language written

 “Make Plans, Make God Laugh.”

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or any higher energies, you know what I mean. For this summer, I was looking to get an internship or pt job but with my mother’s health now hanging by a thread again and my own health been having issues. So I’m going to be picky on what I do with my time.  Right now, I’m not finding a internship or a pt time job that fits what I want to learn, so I need to create it.

Decide that I am making my own internship/pt job working for myself for 20 hours a week. Going to slowly train myself into working 4 to 5 hours a day on web dev during the week.  Have about 3 potential paid clients I am talking to,  one pet project that I am meeting with next week, and one mock project client that I’m planing to use to create a WordPress Theme for using underscores. Going to do a check in at the end of July to see how it is working.

My goals:


  • 1hr:  Lessons + Learning + Reading
  • 2-3 hours: Build site and take notes on what I need to work on
  • 10 min breaks per hour


  • Personal Chef Site
  • Build a site with Javascript with working registration
  • Artist Site w/ Etsy site using underscores to build a WordPress Theme (optional)

    Add projects on:

  • My portfolio on
  • Github – learn to use version control
  • Codepen to play with options