Pet Projects Updates.

Alice Drink Me Bottle from Wonderland World. Tea Party, Birthday, Children Party, Bridal Shower. Vector illustration on Blur Background for Graphic Projects, Real Life Parties and Internet.

#1) Create a Website that used Javascript to make a website for a friend  – Done. Waiting on more information before polishing it off. Friend is really busy with work right now, so it’s going on the back burner for now.

#2) Make a WP Theme:  Turned out Project#1 was over my head to turn into a WP theme because the Javascript split screens. Making a simple html + CSS site to making into a WP theme with underscores.

#3) Plugin: Going to take Hello Dolly and change it bit to a plugin that I’ll share with you when it’s done. I just check and I can submit my plugin into the WP Plugin Repo as long as I give credit to Hello Dolly.