New Year, New Site, New Blog.

Computer brainstorm illustration on blue background

Blog Backstory:

I started this blog back in 2013 when I first started to learn about WordPress, and reenter the world of Web Design after a 15 year absent, this time as a hobbiest. Once again, having to self teach myself I decide to start a blog on my journey and hopefully, other people can learn from my mistakes.The blog has evolved a few times since then as so have I.

Now I am restarting this blog as my journey from transitioning from my hobby/part time side job into full time Web Designer. I know this will take a few years but as this blog will keep on evolving along with me as I figure this out. My end goal with this blog is to hopeful help somebody learn something, from all my trails and errors to try to create my place in the Web Industry and make a living.