Friday Check In: Aug 19, 2016

Writing down new plans

Project Check In:

Overall:  Had a bunch of fires to put out this week but at least did an hour of work each day.  Baby steps till this starts paying my bills full time.

    Phase I: Rebrand + Wire Frame  – Still working on it
    Phase II: Update content + photos
    Phase III: Build
  2. Javascript (JS):  Make a JS driven intake from for
    Phase I: Design + Wire Frame  – Next Week
    Phase II: Content
    Phase III: Build
  3. Build a WP Theme from Underscores w/ a simple plugin.
    Phase I: Split Screen (JS) Site:
    3 issues:.

    • Icons for the social media – Still working on it
    • Author’s name getting cut off on the desktop break
    • gallery code only working in mobile break.

Phase II: Turn Project #2’s  Split Screen (JS) Site into a WP site using Underscores. – Decided to start this phase of the project next week, as I’m still working out the bugs of Phase I.
Phase III: Make a simple WP plugin for the site