Current Goals:

Trials of Learning to become a Front End Web Developer.

  • Learn Javascript. Work on learning Javascript till the end of the year.
  •  Build my own WordPress Theme. Learning how to use underscores to build my own WordPress Theme.  Documenting the process on my blog. Also make a very simple WordPress Plugin for the theme.
  • – Work on the 30 day challenge. Don’t need to do them in 30 days but keep on working on them, even if I have to skip a project to come back to later.
  • Otis Graphic Design Certificate. To better understand design. Fall: Intro to Graphic Design + Intro to Digital Design. (Sept – Dec) Taken: Drawing & Composition + Typography I.
  • LetterPressing Class.  Winter Season Classes. To better understand type setting and design.
  • Learning to Draw Better. Winter Season Classes and drawing meetups.
  • Communication Better. Go to Toastmasters 2x a Month. Go to 2 WordPress Meetup and bring an issue to learn how to ask for help – On Pause till my health recovers. Start writing blogs and do meetup presentations explaining my processes.