To do this week to set up what I want to learn…


with my own lessons/internship this summer.

This week:

  • 1 hour coding lessons + reading web related stuff
  • 1-2 hours researching and planing out what I would like to accomplish aka scooping out my projects. Keeping notes on what works and doesn’t work.

Starting next week – Four hours each day:

  • 1 hour learning to code and reading up on web tech
  • 2-3 hours working on project. I need to learn time manage my projects and document my time, so that I get a better idea on how long things take me.

I will have 3 projects:

  • Updating a WP site for a client, that including working with a real client.
  • Work on creating a JS site that has a funtioning registration form to take client information.  It would be nice to use it as my intake form for people who are interested in hiring me.
  • Work on learning to use Underscores to build my own WordPress Theme. This dose not need to be completely done but help me learn about building a custom WP theme and plugin.

I must document all 3 projects and learn to use Github as version control.  Write a blog weekly on what I learned. Need to learn to  project manage in time allotted. These projects will go on my resume portfolio site (