Project #1: Working on Replacing Project #1

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y originally project was growing a basic WordPress site that I build a while ago.  I met with the client and they decide that didn’t really want any thing add, so we just need to update the content  from them before we push the updated site live.

Had anther person approach me with a basic membership site. We talk for a bit but we need to hammer out the details before writing up a contact to move forward.  During the talk, the client decide that they also wanted a redesign so it’s going to be a full website instead of just a membership plugin integration.

Update on my project:

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Update: My progress has been slowed dramatically down since my mother got her surgery last week, and I’ve back running errands for her. I’ve been working at least one of these projects  and working on my Javascript for an hour a day.  Slow and steady.  Learning to be kind to myself. Life happens.

Project One:  Meet with Client. Right now waiting on content from client to drop in and we are basically done. The client like the way I set it up simply and didn’t want to add any thing

Project Two: Working on more Javascript Classes. Will be trying to put together a start of draft intake form next week.

Project Three: I’m not sure how to start with creating my own WordPress Theme from underscores but will be googling it 30 min a day to figure out a game plan.

Project #3: Learning to build a WordPress Theme from Underscores.


Project #3: Learning to build a WordPress Theme from Underscores.

Intake:  Meet with Client.
Design: Style Title + Wire Frame + Client Feedback
Development: This well the challenge.
Time Frame: One Year from Start Date

  • Learn to understand what goes into making a very simple WordPress Theme from Underscores.
  • Make a very simple plugin
  • Work with a real client

Project #2: Pre Screening Intake Form – Completed WireFrame

Writing down new plans

Project #2: Coding a Pre Screening Intake Form using Javascript for my site.


  • Wireframe: Create a wireframe
  • Game Plan: Figure out what I need with Javascript to hand code the page.
  • Code: Work on coding the page
  • Blog: Document it and blog the trails + errors
  • Research: how to add JS into a prebuilt WordPress Theme.

Time Frame: Ideally at the end of the summer.

WireFrame:  I’m going to build it out and then go back and work tinker with the design + ux.
SB Client Intake v2

Notes: I posted it on FB and received some feed back. I adjusted it to the current version.

Next Week: Game Plan

To do this week to set up what I want to learn…


with my own lessons/internship this summer.

This week:

  • 1 hour coding lessons + reading web related stuff
  • 1-2 hours researching and planing out what I would like to accomplish aka scooping out my projects. Keeping notes on what works and doesn’t work.

Starting next week – Four hours each day:

  • 1 hour learning to code and reading up on web tech
  • 2-3 hours working on project. I need to learn time manage my projects and document my time, so that I get a better idea on how long things take me.

I will have 3 projects:

  • Updating a WP site for a client, that including working with a real client.
  • Work on creating a JS site that has a funtioning registration form to take client information.  It would be nice to use it as my intake form for people who are interested in hiring me.
  • Work on learning to use Underscores to build my own WordPress Theme. This dose not need to be completely done but help me learn about building a custom WP theme and plugin.

I must document all 3 projects and learn to use Github as version control.  Write a blog weekly on what I learned. Need to learn to  project manage in time allotted. These projects will go on my resume portfolio site (

You know that old saying…

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 “Make Plans, Make God Laugh.”

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or any higher energies, you know what I mean. For this summer, I was looking to get an internship or pt job but with my mother’s health now hanging by a thread again and my own health been having issues. So I’m going to be picky on what I do with my time.  Right now, I’m not finding a internship or a pt time job that fits what I want to learn, so I need to create it.

Decide that I am making my own internship/pt job working for myself for 20 hours a week. Going to slowly train myself into working 4 to 5 hours a day on web dev during the week.  Have about 3 potential paid clients I am talking to,  one pet project that I am meeting with next week, and one mock project client that I’m planing to use to create a WordPress Theme for using underscores. Going to do a check in at the end of July to see how it is working.

My goals:


  • 1hr:  Lessons + Learning + Reading
  • 2-3 hours: Build site and take notes on what I need to work on
  • 10 min breaks per hour


  • Personal Chef Site
  • Build a site with Javascript with working registration
  • Artist Site w/ Etsy site using underscores to build a WordPress Theme (optional)

    Add projects on:

  • My portfolio on
  • Github – learn to use version control
  • Codepen to play with options



Summer 2016 Challenge: Learn Javascript.

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One of my Codetalk teacher just told me that it should take about 6 months to learn Javascript, and I should keep a notebook of what I work on. So I’m going to do it on line with this blog, and see how long I can go at it.  My short term goal is working on JS everyday starting in June even if it’s just 5 min. Long term is working on JS a few times a week for the next 6 months or till I’m comfortable using it.

New Year, New Site, New Blog.

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Blog Backstory:

I started this blog back in 2013 when I first started to learn about WordPress, and reenter the world of Web Design after a 15 year absent, this time as a hobbiest. Once again, having to self teach myself I decide to start a blog on my journey and hopefully, other people can learn from my mistakes.The blog has evolved a few times since then as so have I.

Now I am restarting this blog as my journey from transitioning from my hobby/part time side job into full time Web Designer. I know this will take a few years but as this blog will keep on evolving along with me as I figure this out. My end goal with this blog is to hopeful help somebody learn something, from all my trails and errors to try to create my place in the Web Industry and make a living.